Forewarned Inc announces major new release of successful STINGAR SHARED Threat Intelligence Platform

Durham, N.C., June 21, 2022 – Forewarned Inc. announces major new release of the successful STINGAR platform. The STINGAR V2 version is a major redesign of the platform and simplifies the deployment and management of threat intelligence gathering for enterprise networks. 

This latest version of the STINGAR platform enables organizations of all sizes to deploy sensors on their networks and benefit from the live threat intelligence feed created by STINGAR partners across the country thereby improving the overall security and resilience of all networks.


The STINGAR (Shared Threat Intelligence, Network Gatekeeper, Automated Response) platform was originally developed by Duke’s Information Technology Security Office as part of its overall IT security strategy to address malicious cyber-attacks seen inside its network. STINGAR provides a low cost way to improve the utilization your existing security infrastructure.

STINGAR automatically detects and blocks cyber-attacks as they happen, in real-time, thus removing threats from the network and reducing work for the IT security teams. STINGAR increases the blocking capabilities BY UP TO TWO ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE from malicious connection attempts. By deploying sensors on their own networks, STINGAR partners capture more detailed, more relevant & more timely threat intelligence resulting in major improvements in blocking effectiveness at the network edge.

“The latest version of the STINGAR platform incorporates user feedback we have collected over the past 5 years since the original deployment of the platform and adds a range of new features. It represents a major upgrade of the product and is the culmination of over 2 years of development by Duke University IT Office” – Richard Biever, CISO Duke University.

The V2 version of STINGAR provides an easy to use dashboard interface which simplifies the collection and management of threat intelligence and provides new tools for threat visualization, identification and more detailed logs for threat hunting.

The installation process has also been simplified, with help from automated installation scripts and supporting documentation. Once installation is completed, typically in under 1 hour, STINGAR requires little to no regular maintenance and simply runs and blocks network attacks continuously while collecting threat intelligence data and sharing with the community. 

Growing the community of users.

“A major goal for the new version was the simplification of the overall administration and management of the STINGAR platform. Historically, STINGAR has been used at larger Higher Education Research institutions with fully staffed security operations teams. The new version has been designed to be deployed by more modest IT departments who may only consist of a few staff members that manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure. We plan to expand the STINGAR community and will be offering the new version to community colleges, state and local government offices and high schools.” – Hugh Thomas, CEO Forewarned, Inc.

As a software solution, requiring only minimal compute resources, STINGAR offers a low cost, highly effective platform to improve the overall security and resilience of enterprise networks. Any enterprise that already utilizes a firewall as part of their network infrastructure can benefit from installing STINGAR on their network.

About Forewarned

Forewarned Inc. is a C-corporation headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC with the founding team from Duke University’s Office of Information Technology and a deep technical background of networking and enterprise security expertise and share the vision for creating a safer online environment using STINGAR to improve the safety of all users. For more information about Forewarned and the STINGAR platform please visit or email: [email protected]