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Forewarned, Inc

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Founded in 2021 by Duke IT Professionals

The STINGAR technology platform was originally developed by Duke University’s Office of Information Technology. Since its original conception in 2016 the vision was to create a platform to share cyber threat intelligence with a community of trusted users to make everyone more aware of threats and better prepared against cyber attacks. 

STINGAR has since been installed at over 30 leading Universities and government research institutions around the country who enjoy the daily benefits of shared intelligence protecting their networks. 

In 2021 Duke decided it was time to expand the availability of the platform and helped found a new company, Forewarned, Inc. with a goal of promoting and supporting the platform to a broader set of customers so more people could benefit from the sharing of real time threat information. 

The founding team come out of Duke University’s Office Information Technology with a deep technical background of networking and enterprise security expertise and all share the vision for creating a safer online environment using STINGAR to improve the safety of our partners.

We're hiring !
We are seeking experienced cybersecurity engineers and marketing professionals.
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(we love North Carolina but remote locations ok too !)